There is neither a place nor a special location. It only references the implicit meaning of a factory in which everything is reflecting the sense of motion, productivity, and -24 hour work. The productions of Avant Art Factory are actually the ones already made or going to be created by Nasir Malekijoo, which are symbolically produced inside a body of a place through some experts. In Iran’s 2020 however, a scattered crowd of Iranian artists in different parts of the world have left their bands together. The Modern Art Factory is a conceptual reference to this lack of access to a theatrical group. It refers to the roaming of Iranians who have strangely migrated from Iran in the past few decades, and ended their artistic works, or changed the form of their presentations and activities. Nasir Malekijoo believes where the possibility of artistic activity no longer exists and artists are no longer activated, we should establish a mental factory. This mental factory works as a metaphor for the theater and art forgotten by the Iranian regime that allocates the financial resources to the dependent art and does not recognize modern and avant-garde artistic activities.