Nasir Maleki Joo

Nasir Malekijoo, born in 1984, Tehran, Iran, is a graduate of “drama studies” in Tehran. After graduation, he started to create a variety of plays with an eclectic approach towards “experimental theater” and “European theater”. As a writer, director, set and costume designer and actor, he tries to portray a unified monolithic world that is defined and developed by his own individual mindset. He has been seriously and professionally involved in the Iranian theater industry since 2006. His tendency to visual arts has made him inclined to a particular type of dramatic art which is called “visual theater”. His main mindset in drama, as he himself calls it, is “Theater as a Cartoon” in the field of post-dramatic theater. He regards bitter satire (grotesque) as one of the most prominent elements of his works and tries to portray the stereotyped anomalies in human in an exaggerated way. He depicts Iranians political anxieties and economic issues through the post-dramatic language.

He has finished his MFA studies in the field of “Public Art and New Artistic Strategies” at Bauhaus Universität Weimar, Germany in 2018. He is currently doing his Ph.D. in the Department of Theater and Film at Bowling Green State University of Ohio, USA.