The Coca Cola / 2nd Edition / 2020

an Upcoming Work /

In the play ‘Coca Cola”, the director like the rest of his works, intelligently intends to use the visual
elements of the stage to convey the true story to the subconscious of the viewer rather than express
the story by itself. According to this interpretation, the monotonous and dazzling color of the set and
costume of the actors, the exaggerated physical form of their bodies, their gestures, and the absurd
mise en scène, all try to illustrate a caricature-like satirical image of the current world.

A Brief Description
The play takes place in three different episodes.
The 1st episode includes the old version of the play Cola created by Nasir Malekijoo in 2016. However,
the new version is presented with two different actors narrating the modern Abraham and Ishmael.
Characters are living in the modern era in a place saturated with thousands of canned foods. The father
is overwhelmed with the advertisements and forces his son to overuse the canned foods.
The 2nd episode is a symbolic narration of Adam and Eva who are living in modern society. Like the first
episode, the man is over-consuming the canned foods. The woman, conversely, deceives the man to eat
fresh tomato instead of canned tomato and their argument continues…
The 3rd section is about two speakers who are speaking in a TED Talk show however in an ironic way. They
are picturing their childhoods and youths over the cartoon Popeye the Sailor Man as an encouragement
to overuse canned foods.

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