The Cola / 1st Edition / 2016

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About the play Cola
“Cola”, as at first glance is reminiscent of the ubiquitous well-known American brand, “Coca Cola”,
uncovers the caricature-like ironic viewpoint of Nasir Malekijoo over the issue of “consumerism”
in modern societies. “Obesity” and many other diseases and disorders of the modern world are
considered as part of the vast repercussions of the stereotyped anomalies grown in today’s
consumer-oriented societies. In the play written and directed by Nasir Malekijoo, man has
turned into a commodity that pursues his ideals and aspirations on commercial billboards and
in shopping centers. He just like any other commodity would be isolated in a corner without
any movement. In this play, the ancient legend of “Abraham and Ishmael” according to the
“Torah” is satirized and the father, contrary to the popular legend, decides to eat the son.
In the play ‘Cola”, the director like the rest of his works, intelligently intends to use the visual
elements of the stage to convey the true story to the subconscious of the viewer rather than
express the story by itself. According to this interpretation, the monotonous and dazzling
color of the set and costume of the actors, the exaggerated physical form of their bodies, their
gestures, and the absurd mise en scène, all try to illustrate a caricature-like satirical image of
the current world.

Director/ Playwright / Costume Designer: Nasir Malekijoo
45 minutes
City Theater , Qashqai Hall 2016

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