One centimeter Broader / 2018 / A Street Performance

About the performance
A painted red blooded girl with an oversized ruler in her hands is measuring the concrete walls of a
church (Weimar’s Herderkirche) and the pavement of the street surrounded by this huge building. She
wishes to find out the distances between the walls and push them a bit further from their historical/
original location. Where the idea of measuring distances, and spaces, is to be interpreted in various
meanings and ways.
The performance, wishes to bring in the fundamentals of how Absurdist theatre, left the stage and not
only when public, in regards to Art performances, in the likes of Ono, or Abramovic.
While, her repeated actions, One Centimeter Border, is to remind one of the way that the actors of
an absurd play often traditionally act. While, what further concerns can one construct further visual
symptoms in the form of the performer? For, the audience start to think and question more, such
questions will occupy her/his mind. I.e What is the meaning of loneliness in this regard? Why the
performer is so tired? Is that the conceptual action? Should I follow some lines unconsciously over the
story, which is narrating? Why some pictures are symbolically reminding me a historical demonstration
as she carries the huge ruler horizontally depicting a protester with a placard in her hand.

Designed and Directed by Nasir malekijoo
Herderkirche Weimar, Germany/ 2018

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