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About the play The Bread
A Symbolic look at “Bread” is above all reminiscent of a “Romantic” View. Nasir Malekijoo in
this dramatic work of art, by creating a crisis out of a trivial issue, has magnificently strived
to illustrate a society in which people, with faces similar to each other, are going astray in a
desperate need of bread. This quandary and stupidity which is remarkably revealed in their
masked faces, reminds us of a Communist-dictatorial community in which people are frenziedly
wandering in the pursuit of happiness, prosperity and their basic needs. The use of masks has
enabled the actors to express their body movements in an exaggerated manner. “Poverty”,
“class difference”, “being slogan-stricken”, “imprisonment” etc. are all the consequences of living
in the third-world communities like the one depicted here; communities which are deplorably
faced with numerous cultural and economic crises. Something that was illustrated years ago
in the play “Les Miserables” by “Victor Hugo”.

Director/playwright/ Stage and Costume Designer/Actor: Nasir Malekijoo
45 minutes
International art performing highfest Armenia 2014
International fadjr theater festival 32th 2014
Molavi Hall 2013 / Hafez Hall 2019 / Poti Internationa festival of Regional Theatres 2019

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