A requiem for silence

Plugging the ear is a symbol of being silent. Seeking a footprint of innocent people who were bounded in Buchenwald between the years 1937 and 1946; imagining how they were suppressed and their common adventures in this concentration camp is a topic of this Video Art. Dropping the wax as an icon of physical forcefulness which imposed them to be a prisoner under the barbaric tortures. Starving, naked walking in such cold conditions, and making tattoos from the dead body of prisoners’ skin will directly remind us of the terrifying scene of punishment under dictatorial circumstances. Where all struggles are done to make the best realistic horror movie, there is no need to record the sound effect of jailers’ screaming during their Imprisonment time to listen to it at this time. Since, we can still hear all those torturing sounds just via walking around the silent Buchenwald forest of today, wreckages of concentration camps and empty cells.

Video Art, is a combination of sculpture, painting, video, and performance. The artist affords to visualize the auditory aspects of sound in a poetic ambiance.  

Sculpting technic: Painted clay. Candle.


The Nightmare of Cellist, Forgetting the Notes and her Cello-bow While Playing Cello Concerto of Elgar. /  2017

This is a nightmare of Cellist, a performer who has lost her cello-bow in addition to forgetting the notes. This is a frightening moment that can be assumed in any supposed condition. The nightmarish thought is always stuck with a performer to be improvised,  unprepared or unable to take the concentration. Forgetting the Notes and the Cello-bow on the Stage While Playing Cello Concerto of Elgar, as a notable reference of the aftermath of the 1st world war and a symbol of narrating any violation and damage.