The Microphones / 2017

Nasir Malekijoo (Iran)  /  Runze Feng (China)

Due to making a visual meaning beyond the sound which is one of the most influential part of our everyday life, the microphones can be an icon to visualize this auditory element. In this chaotic word, the sound itself epitomize the civil and industry. The music, but, is a dynamic voice which comes from the profound site of the history. Choosing the Musikhochschule Leipzig as the site of this work conveys the idea that there are still some public spaces in which we can go back to the peaceful past which exist before the rough industrialization and the rapid  urbanization 

In this installation, the microphones were made by wood which is considered as a symbol of speech and sound performance. They are putted together, but each of them faced a specific direction which makes the denotation that the sound come from every corner of the Musikhochschule! The combination of different sounds around this installation both enriching the experience of the public space and the meaning of the artwork. Through this work, the artists tried to create a connection between the sound which is generated inside of the Musickhochschule and the one comes through the walls which is created by metropolises.

3rd World / 2015

No need to say, the wheels are not capable to move since one of them has metamorphosed to a square. The idea of formation or better to say forcing to be transformed from the original identity of a figure like a circle with its obvious function seems to be radical. It refers to the suppression, censorship and all those anxieties which can evolutionary change the shape of a special character. The temporary sculpture demonstrates the lack of movement in a potentially moving object, like a car.

The Countdown Timer / 2016

The installation was used as a down counter to meet the due date of the opening of the show Rhinoceros. It was installed in the middle of lobby at Iranshahr Hall 30 days before the show begins. It functions as an advertising installation to interact with people who were passing from the sculpture. The idea of count downing may use for a very big event or as propaganda for showing the process of constructing a building. But, it rarely may use to advertise the opening night of a theatre performance.